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01 Aug
From today the 6-day ascent for the pilgrimage to the Pantokrator Monastery

The great pilgrimage to the Holy Monastery of Pantokratoros for the celebration of the Transfiguration of the Savior begins on Wednesday 1 August 2018. Many believers ascend daily to the highest point of Corfu, a mountain of 914 meters high with an amazing view. The pilgrimage lasts six days.

In antiquity the mountain was called “Istoni”. Its current name owes it to the homonymous monastery built almost on the top of the mountain during the 14th century.

On the day of Savior, August 6 and on the eve, the traditional feast is held in the picturesque village of Strynilla at the foot of the mountain. On August 4, a feast is held in Petalia.  Petalia is a very beautiful, picturesque village on the mountain of Pantokratoras. It is built on a slope that has the shape of a petal on this enormous mountain, a fact that gave the village its name. Read more about Petalia

The Monastery of Pantokratoras is built at an altitude of 914 meters, on the tallest mountain of Corfu and it is named after it. According to the charter of the monastery, which is saved in a parchment in the General Archives of Corfu, the Monastery of Pantokratoras was founded in 1347, when the residents of 23 villages of the mountain built the monastery.

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